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Name Rationale

Name Rationale | Philosophy of Ministry | Team Members | Our Role

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Team Beyond is a team whose members individually and corporately

    • are totally corrupt and sinful, on their own without Christ, BEYOND self-diagnosis and self-cure
    • put their faith in, depend on, live for and pursue the One and Only Triune God who is BEYOND understanding and imagination in terms of
      • His wisdom
      • His greatness and power
      • His peace
      • His protection
      • His love, faithfulness and providence
      • His righteousness
      • His very essence
    • are loved and blessed by God far BEYOND what they deserve or could earn on their own
    • believe in and have deep-rooted hope in a life BEYOND
      • this sinful world of pain and suffering
      • death
      • wildest dreams
      • the reaches of any one group or nation
    • are filled with a joy BEYOND expression because of the Gospel of love
    • desire to follow with all their heart(s), soul(s), mind(s) and strength, in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit with full access to the Father, God’s will to love and live BEYOND
      • selfishness
      • the desires of the world
      • nominalism and complacency
      • settling for less than God intended
      • personal limit
      • fear and worry
      • reproach
    • have a passion to make fellow passionate followers of Christ BEYOND physical, cultural and linguistical boundaries
    • believe God is able to and will
      • do far BEYOND what they could ask or imagine
      • produce a harvest BEYOND their wildest dreams
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