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Pius Emesu

Pius Emesu

Pius Emesu – Year 3, Semester 1

I come from a very small village called Palatau in Eastern Uganda. I was born on the 13th December 1987. My Dad died when I was three years old and my Mum died when I had just turned five. I am the second born in our family of three sons. I came to know Jesus when I was six-years-old. As young as I was, the Spirit of God the Almighty worked in my life and caused me to understand that I am a sinner who needs a Saviour. It was by grace that He saved me for His own glory.

I was so eager to know who the true living God is so I began attending Sunday school classes and I soon felt in my heart that I should be a minister of the Gospel. When I was twelve I was given an opportunity to minister to children younger than I. Because I did not have any training, I did not know how to plan for the lessons. I struggled and made many mistakes. However, God still used me, and my love for ministering the Gospel grew much stronger every day.

My spiritual life has been a journey. While I struggled to interpret the Scriptures, I became a man of prayer and a student of the Word, passionate to know Jesus more and more. However, there was a time during and following secondary school when I fell into the ways of the world wanting to become a doctor so that I could be rich. I ignored my strong passion for preaching the Word of God not realizing the spiritual blessings I have in Christ Jesus and also forgetting all the excitement I had preaching the Gospel.

But God brought me back and renewed my passion for reaching out to children with His love. So, I got involved in children’s ministry at a local children’s  home, in my neighbourhood, at church, and at schools. During these years of ministry, God made it clear to me that the Gospel of Jesus is the hope of our salvation and the promised blessing to all nations, and He was calling me to preach and teach the Gospel full-time. However, I knew that in order for me to follow that calling I first needed more education in understanding, interpreting and teaching the Bible.

Through the Beyond Scholarship Program, God opened the door for me to attend Africa Bible University. ABU is training me to handle the Word of Truth well and preparing me for the future that God has for me to preach the Gospel effectively in the place where He will lead me.

After ABU, I desire to plant a Bible teaching church, where worship is God-centered and mission-centered, with the purpose of making disciples for the Kingdom of God. I would encourage the church to adopt the helpless orphan children in the community into their homes. The reason why I have gone for adoption rather than orphanages is because adoption is the real solution because it gives a child a sense of belonging in a family. And taking the example from the Scripture, our Father God has adopted us to Himself. When I come out of this university I believe God will use me to transform the church and the community in which I live.

My long-term plan is to start a theological college in Soroti for people from surrounding towns and villages to come and be trained on how to handle the Word of God rightly. I hope to train church leaders in the doctrine of the Bible and in the areas of education, business, and communication. I believe the whole country will benefit from the life of the church if people serve Christ through education, business and communication.

Would you help sponsor Pius?

The cost to send Pius to Africa Bible University is $1,500 USD per semester.
To contribute in part or whole, simply send in your contribution as directed here and include a note indicating what it’s for and if it is a one-time or reoccurring gift.

Click here for more information on the sponsorship program.

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