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Lazarus Olupot

Lazarus Olupot

Lazarus Olupot – Year 1, Semester 1

I was born on 26th of January 1981. I am Itesot by tribe, a Ugandan by nationality. I come from a very small village, Aminit in Kyere Sub County, Serere District. However, I spent much of my childhood in Karamoja, attending primary school in Kotido and high school in Moroto. I then moved to Soroti to get my secondary school advanced level diploma. I am now 34 years old, married to Hellen with no children yet. My spiritual journey has been a hard one of endurance, patience, humility, learning and prayer.

My life before I met Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour was not good. I was very chaotic and troublesome in the village, especially to the neighbourhood children. I could lie, fight and cause trouble wherever I was. I had almost no friends except from my cousin who was like me.

While I attended secondary school in Soroti, I stayed with my elder sister, Atim Christine, who was a born again Christian. There was a day when I had just been beaten for fighting our neighbour’s child and was told that no one would love me because of my character. I was very bitter and upset. A friend to my sister, Eretu Calvin, came home and found me crying. He comforted me and told me Jesus cares for people like me. I decided to accept Him as my Lord and personal Saviour. It was 8:30pm on 31st August 1992.

My life immediately started changing. All the bitterness, hate, discontent, and bad attitude I had disappeared and now I love people and children so much that I protect and advocate for those who are vulnerable.  As soon as I got saved, I joined Sunday school at my sister’s church and eventually became the children’s leader. I have taught Sunday school for most of my Christian life. I have served as mission coordinator, secretary, youth pastor and now assistant pastor at Victory Outreach Church in Soroti. While at Victory Outreach Church, I got my diploma in Biblical studies from Bethel Bible College. I was also able to go through many trainings on various fields and have over 20 certificates. To mention but a few, I have certificates in children’s ministry, christian leadership, counseling and guidance, church finance management, project planning and management, school leadership, and church planting and growth. I also have Timothy Leadership Training Master Certificate and John Maxwell Leadership Certificate.

Through the Beyond Scholarship Program, God opened the door for me to attend Africa Bible University. ABU is helping me to grow stronger in my faith and is equipping me to be a pastor people need – one who is equipped, informed and educated to effectively preach the truth, serve the people and lead and manage the church.

May the Almighty richly bless you.

Would you help sponsor Lazarus?

The cost to send Lazarus to Africa Bible University is $1,500 USD per semester.
To contribute in part or whole, simply send in your contribution as directed here and include a note indicating what it’s for and if it is a one-time or reoccurring gift.

Click here for more information on the sponsorship program.

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