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Fred Shalom

Fred Shalom

Fred Shalom – Year 1, Semester 1

I come from Nalkuro Village, Amuria District. I am an Itesot by tribe and a Ugandan by nationality. I grew up in the hands of a single mother. I am the first born of three children. Since my mum was a primary school teacher, life was not difficult. However, tragedy struck when I was about 16 years old – my mum died. From then on paying school fees became a challenge. I was able to struggle to pay for and complete secondary school, but I failed to complete university because of tuition. I reached my 2nd year at Nkumba University where I was pursuing a bachelors degree in Development Studies.

I later decided to go for a diploma in theology at Glad Tidings Bible College; however, I again failed to complete the program because of tuition. At that point, I felt beaten down and defeated in life. I was in a terrible state. I often didn’t even have food to eat and I didn’t have enough clothes to wear. I cried a lot.

While I received the Lord at a young age, I never really knew Him that much. I counted myself born again but had no deep relationship with God and when I began to experience all the challenges and difficulties of life, I concluded that God was responsible for all my misery and suffering. I was very mad at God because I believed He was the one who killed my mum and He had failed to provide for my school fees. I believed God hated and didn’t love me. As a result, my love for God grew increasingly cold.

My turning point came in 2010 when I attended a Bible conference and the preachers taught about the grace of God, the finished work of the cross and How God loves us dearly. For five days I swallowed the Word of God like a hungry lion. I had so many questions and all my questions were answered. It was at that point I understood that God is not against me. I understood that He does not hate me but loves me. I understood that it’s not God who killed my mum and I understood that God actually wants the best for me.

I thank God for what I went through because it transformed my thinking and I have since learnt to trust Him even in difficulties. I eventually became an intern speaker on Sundays and later an associate pastor. I am currently presiding over a small beginning ministry in Soroti which is slowly transforming people’s lives with the love of God – one person at a time. I find my greatest joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in seeing another life transformed by the love and grace of God. I know this is my part in the kingdom of God – teaching people about the love of God through the Word, and practically reaching out to them in that love. I feel like Peter – Jesus told Peter, when you are strengthened, strengthen your brothers also (Luke 22:32). I now do a lot of strengthening of brothers and sisters because it’s true that every problem has a solution and it’s very important to understand that God is love.

While I have had a few shorter courses like a six-month course at New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family, I have long desired to get seminary training. I thank God that I now have that opportunity at Africa Bible University. I believe ABU will take me to an even greater level of enlightenment and thus impact on all matters of ministry. It will definitely be a great experience to learn from and with fellow ministers.

Again, I want to say thank you for the opportunity. I will forever be grateful. God bless you.

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The cost to send Fred to Africa Bible University is $1,500 USD per semester.
To contribute in part or whole, simply send in your contribution as directed here and include a note indicating what it’s for and if it is a one-time or reoccurring gift.

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