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Sponsorship Program

The church in Uganda is relatively young (only about 100 years old), yet rapidly growing. It is known to be a mile wide but only an inch deep. There is a great need and deep hunger of pastors and ministry leaders to be effectively trained to keep the church strong and free from false teaching.

Africa Bible University
With a goal to raise-up servant-leaders for Christ who can think creatively and biblically in response to the challenges facing a rapidly emerging African church and country, Africa Bible University provides a four-year, broad-based bachelor of arts degree with a focus on developing the ability of the student to think creatively and innovatively with a distinctly theocentric, Christocentric, and biblical perspective.

How to Contribute
Through the Beyond Sponsorship Program, the following students from Soroti have been selected to attend Africa Bible University. However, funds are still needed for their sponsorship. Tuition, books, room & board, and upkeep for each student comes to $1,500 USD per semester. You can contribute in part or whole to the sponsorship of a student – simply send in your contribution as directed here and include a note indicating what it’s for and if it is a one-time or reoccurring gift.

To read more about a student, click his photo.
Pius Emesu  Lazarus Olupot  Fred Shalom

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