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To accomplish our mission we walk alongside local, young, passionate Christians who exude and demonstrate a deep desire to know Jesus and make Him known. We do this by spending time and growing in relationship with, sharing and praying with, laughing and having fun with, working and resting with, studying and learning with, and dreaming and strategizing with. With. Not over. Not for. Not instead of.

WITH is based on the truth that every person is made in the image of God, deeply desired and unconditionally accepted by God, and extremely valuable and irreplaceably significant to God. WITH communicates, “You are loved, you have something to offer, and you can make a difference.”  WITH gives hope, dignity and wholeness to people who are often hopeless, defeated, and broken. WITH is all about reconciliation, humility, mutuality, reciprocity, intentionality, and partnership. However, WITH has different levels of depth, as Jesus’ 3/12/72/crowds model demonstrates (see below), and can only happen with Jesus Immanuel (“God with us”), with other organizations, with each other, and with YOU.


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