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GSF August Newsletter

September 30, 2018

Below is GSF‘s most recent newsletter, featuring Farming God’s Way, and David, whose transformation is nothing but miraculous… from child-soldier to child of God to soldier for Christ!

After escaping, David was not initially accepted by his family in Aruwa, so he moved to Luwero to live with his cousin who was a pastor and led him to Christ. Due to shame and guilt, and fear of how people would judge him, like his family had done, it was not until Oct 2016 when he went to Transform Conference in Kampala with other GSF staff, including myself, that he first opened up about his story. He hadn’t even told his wife. But he was led by the Spirit through Transform to share with us who had gone with him. Because we responded positively and with praise, thanksgiving and encouragement, he began sharing it with more people. As he did so, and as he grew in his relationship with Christ, he experienced freedom in Christ from the shame, guilt, and fear, and was soon able to not just be reconciled with his family, but pass-on his transformation in Christ to them.

Please keep David in your prayers. Since he first opened up about his story, 6 close family members passed away, two brothers of whom were killed by South Sudanese refugees pillaging his village due to lack of food in the camps, and one cousin of whom was beaten to death just last week over 20,000 UGS ($5USD) he was owed. And yet, through these deaths, David was able to share the gospel with many and lead 30 people, mostly family members, to Jesus – 5 after the below newsletter was written last week, during the days surrounding his cousin’s funeral.

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“David, You Have Really Changed”

Meet David, who works as head of security at GSF. We thank him for making sure that those at GSF are safe and protected day after day! David began working as a GSF guard in 2014 and was promoted to Head of Security in 2016 because of his talent in management and love for the people here. He lives in a nearby town with his wife and three precious daughters!

In August 1997, David was returning to his hometown of Arua for a visit when he was abducted by Joseph Kony’s LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and made into a child soldier. Though he was threatened with death several times, David persevered and thus received the name “Chandia (trouble) David,” for his stubbornness. After enduring many horrific demands from his commanders, David was eventually sentenced to death by the head of the army. David decided to pray to God for the first time. The next morning—the day he was sentenced to die—David escaped the LRA and fled for his life.

A beautiful story of redemption began to unfold in David’s life. David was reunited with his family. He eventually applied for a job at GSF and was accepted. And the greatest redemption of all: a fellow employee at GSF shared the Gospel with David and he re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. David now uses his experience to counsel fathers and youth in his community. He testifies that God is truly the one doing the work through him.

David says that GSF has transformed his life by teaching him about the Lord. When David went back home to visit his family, they said, “David, it’s not you. You have really changed!”  David could not agree more. He has taken Trauma Healing classes  at GSF to help him heal emotionally and mentally from the trauma of the LRA.  Now he has even progressed to teaching these classes! Twenty-five people have come to saving faith in Christ through David’s story, and he hopes for many more.

The Lord has used GSF in a great way in David’s life to bring him back to Christ, the true source of forgiveness and life. David’s life is filled with so much redemption, joy, and hope. This calls to mind Philippians 1:6, which says, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

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One of the many aspects of the Farming God’s Way process is our dedication to not till the soil when preparing fields for a new planting season. By simply raking off the plant remains and debris from the surface of the soil, our farmers allow nutrients in the soil from freshly harvested plants to help the new plants grow. Traditionally, Ugandans clear their fields by burning and plowing—a quick and easy, but destructive, route. GSF wants to preserve as much soil and nutrients as it can, and protect and nurture the earth God created and gave us.

Click here for more photos of FGW at GSF.
Click here for more information on Farming God’s Way.

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