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EXTREME Ride for Refuge

September 21, 2015

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Dear Family & Friends,

This year, on October 3, I am doing an EXTREME Ride for Refugethe Greater Niagara Circle Route (100mi/162km along the Welland Canal, Lake Erie shoreline, the Niagara River, and Lake Ontario shoreline).

If you feel so led, would you sponsor me (USA/Canada) as I raise funds for:

  • The Beyond Proclaimer Program
    • Bible listening groups where people come together to listen to a 30min passage of the New Testament dramatized in their own language on a Proclaimer, a solar-powered digital player, and then discuss it for 30min, weekly until they go through the entire New Testament. Watch this video to see the impact.
    • Each Proclaimer costs $125. Motorcycles are also needed for local coordinators of multiple Bible listening groups, each $1,500.
  • Beyond Sustainability Projects
    • Dormitories/Hostels for university students provide regular, ongoing income for the operational costs of local ministries (such as the Freedom Boys Ministry for boys who live on the streets of Soroti and the Generation to Generation Ministry for vulnerable elderly people) and require little time involvement enabling those ministries to focus on their ministry work
    • $10,000 for land; $15,000 for 8-room dormitory

You can also join our Ride/Foot Team, Beyond Bikers (USA/Canada), to ride/walk/run on October 3 with me (in spirit) and raise funds for the above needs. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do the 100mi/162km route with me – there are 5km, 5mi, 10mi, and 25mi marked routes for young and old at specific locations, each with rest stations, sweep vehicle support, and a delicious lunch.

Gearing up with you,

Tim Sliedrecht
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