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July Prayer Points

July 20, 2015

Thank you for praying with us!

  • After 4+ years of fostering and officially adopting them in Uganda, Miriam and Zulea are now US citizens (click for pics)! Not only that, Kate, the daughter of our teammates Steve & Tanya Tiesenga has also become a US citizen (due to changes in the law, they had a much more difficult time to get to this point than we had and were not able to travel to the US with her for the last 4 years)!

Click for more picsZulea & Kate

  • Amara is scheduled for surgery on August 4 to have the top lobe of her right lung removed as a preventative measure. While she hasn’t had any problems and the malformation is relatively small now compared to what it was when she was born, it will still likely cause her problems in the future and will inevitably have to be removed at some point in her life; and it is better to have it removed now when she is so young and can recover quickly and when her lung is able to really “grow-back” and expand to a full and normal functioning lung. If all goes well, she will be in the hospital for 3 days and fully recovered within 6 days.

Amara posing

  • During a recent retreat at the Cranhill Ranch Prayer Cabin (thanks to Rebekah Wissink who cared for our children and her father Mike Wissink who donated his time at the cabin) where we spent hours listening to the messages of Chip Ingram, God brought some much needed refreshment, renewal and healing for Angie and myself – a turning point for us. After such a difficult, faith-shaking year full of pain, heart-break, tears, and anxiety, our eyes were more on our problems than on Jesus. It was so good to focus on God and His perspective, to discover and experience to a greater depth and understanding God’s goodness, love and grace. Please pray that we may have more opportunities for this renewal process to continue, bringing us into a deeper relationship with and focus on Jesus, and as a result a deeper sense of joy, peace, and strength as we seek to move forward.

Tim & Angie at Cranhill Ranch Prayer Cabin

"We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties." – Oswald Chambers

With you, with Jesus,

Tim & Angie Sliedrecht

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