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December Prayer Points

December 29, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer. Here are our December Prayer Points:

  • After chasing the videographer for weeks on end, we are finally about to release JobMax’s two latest music videos, featuring the Freedom Boys and Children of the Light Girls. They are already playing on all major radio stations across the country, and the videos will play on all major TV networks when ready. Please pray for the children involved, that their self-confidence and identity may grow in Christ. Please also pray that the impact of these songs and videos may be far-reaching, for the success of the upcoming album release and launch performances, and that through it all income may be generated for the Freedom Boys and Children of the Light And in the meantime, check out these two music videos recently recorded of JobMax in collaboration with other Teso artists, Teso Naikot and Olubengo

  • We continue to struggle with discouragement in regards to our ministry work. Due to certain things we are not at liberty to explain at this point, the development of the Beyond Transformation Centre has been put on hold indefinitely. We ask for continued prayers that we may be open to receive what God has for us during this time, and that the Spirit may break through and fill us with faith, strength, encouragement, wisdom, discernment, humility, submission, and perseverance as we seek to move forward. Pray also that truth may prevail.
  • Initiated by our daughter, Miriam, we are now involved in leading an ever growing number of teenagers in what is called the Beyond Bible Study Group. In addition to meeting weekly to study God’s word, we get together to play ultimate Frisbee or football (soccer) and to do service projects in our communities. Please pray that we may all be open to the Spirit’s leading, that He may open our hearts and eyes to see Him more clearly and the world around us through His eyes more and more, that we may not give up in meeting together and spurring one another on toward love.

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  • During this extended school-holiday time, we constantly have neighbourhood children in our home, everyday, often from 8am to 8pm or later, as many as 15 at a time. It’s provided us and our children great opportunity to love them and share with them not only the gospel but our lives as well. Please pray that
    • our home may continue to be a sanctuary of peace, joy and love for these children;
    • God may use us to help build a strong foundation of Truth and the Biblical worldview in their lives
    • God may use us to help them grow in confidence of who they are in Christ and of who God made them to be as individuals
    • we may be consistent in exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit to these children and that they may become so filled with the Holy Spirit that they produce one hundred, sixty or thirty times the fruit.
      (Some of their names are Fiona, Lydia, Gloria, Ambrose, Walter, Timoth, Ivan, Paul, Dan, Emmanuel, Joyce, Lydia, Winny, Joshua, Sharon, Loyce, Benjamin, Sam, Jonathan)

Neighbourhood kids and baby crocodile

“Prayer is an acknowledgment that our need of God’s help is not partial but total.” – Alistair Begg

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