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September Prayer Points

September 25, 2014

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer. Here are our September Prayer Points:

  • Our family, along with other teammates, has been hit with an awful, contagious sickness. Tim has it the worst with high fever, extreme aches head-to-toe, nausea, fluid in the lungs, but Angie also has it pretty bad, along with what seems to be gallstones. It has been 4 days now with little relief or signs of recovery. Please pray for healing.
  • Our meeting with the judge at the high court to present our case for finalizing the adoptions of Zulea and Miriam went well. Now we wait for the ruling. Please continue to pray that the judge grants us a positive ruling.

Miriam & Zulea Today

  • Pray for JobMax as he is working hard to finish his first album. Once complete, we will prepare for a launch tour with the Freedom Boys (featured in our last newsletter) and Children of the Light Gospel Choir.

Click to see more photos of the music video shoot

  • Just before returning to Africa Bible University (ABU) for his second year, Pius Emesu (featured in our March newsletter) excitedly shared with me how ABU helped him discover what Grace is for the first time and how he has been spending much of his vacation time teaching and preaching to others about Grace, something very few people know about, understand or believe in here. Because of the transformation they have witnessed in Pius’ life, two other young men, Basil and Fred, desire to attend ABU as well. If you would like to financially contribute to their education at ABU, please let us know.

Pius & Tim

  • We are still anxiously awaiting the approval of our development plan for the Beyond Transformation Centre by the Senior Leadership of International Teams. Please pray for a positive response from the Senior Leadership and for trust and patience from all involved, including land-owners and others who awaiting the approval.

Click for more info

  • The Beyond Proclaimer Program continues to grow and create deep impact of transformation. One of the Bible Listening Groups has even started a church with over a dozen new baptisms (click here for a continually growing number of other testimonies)! Please continue to pray for these Bible Listening Groups, that they would not give up in meeting together and that God’s Word may penetrate deep in their hearts and extend out of their hands by the power of the Spirit. Please pray that we may be able to get more Proclaimers as we don’t have enough to keep up with the demand.

Click for more photos and testimonies

  • Please pray for the upcoming Ride for Refuge, taking place on October 4 – for success in raising fun, fellowship and funds around our cause, the Beyond Fish Cage Project, a self-sustainability project for the Beyond Transformation Centre. This year we are also Riding in honour of Glen & Kori VanderKooi and their children, who through the Ride have been instrumental in bringing transformational impact in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Uganda, and who are in great need of your prayers as Glen recently suffered from a massive stroke. For more information click here.

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“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of His willingness.” ― Martin Luther

Praying with you,

Tim & Angie Sliedrecht

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