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Save Lives, Get $700, & Give 3 Goats!

February 13, 2021

Donate plasma and get $700 in 8 donations.

Plus, name me as your referral person, and I get $150,
which I will use to purchase 3 goats ($50 ea)
for families living in poverty in Uganda.

For more information and to register, go to
Then, schedule an appointment for before February 28,
and bring this coupon to your appointment:

Bottle & Can Drive for Ministry

January 11, 2021

Support Good Shepherd’s Fold and the Freedom Boys Ministry
by DONATING your returnable bottles & cans!*

For those of you in West Michigan, we can pick them up and take them off your hands.
Contact Tim:; (616) 516-6266

For those of you outside of West Michigan, you can donate the funds from your returnables by check or credit card (click on either one):

Please also consider:

  • COLLECTING bottles & cans from your friends & family!
  • INVITING your friends & family to do the same!

* 100% of the returned deposits will go towards Good Shepherd’s Fold and the Freedom Boys Ministry.

Give Thanks

December 8, 2020

Give Thanks to God with us!

Over $8,200 was raised for the Freedom Boys Ministry from the sales of pumpkins, squash, gourds, hay/straw bales, cornstalks, and flowers!

Thank you all who came out to buy!

And special thanks to the following people and companies who helped make the Sale happen:

100% of donations goes directly towards the care and reintegration of boys who have been living on the streets of Soroti.

For more information or to donate, go to:


I Am Rogers

December 1, 2020

I am Rogers, 14 years old. I lived on the streets of Soroti for 4 years. To survive, I collected scrap metal, carried garbage, washed plates and saucepans in restaurants, or cooked for people for very little pay. Some people treated me well for my work, while others did not. I could carry very heavy loads for them, beyond my strength and ability. And they would just call me and my friends degrading names.

While living as a homeless child, I faced violence and exploitation, including abuse by different authorities, forced labor, mob attacks, and forced drug use. I endured beatings by batons, wires, bicycle locks, and other objects. I suffered through torture and cruel, inhumane treatment. I also lost my education.

Many of us boys who lived on the streets had to resort to begging when we couldn’t find other work. Sometimes we were forced to steal by older boys and adults living on the streets, or by those who would offer us food or shelter.

But then the #FreedomBoysMinistry became my comfort and protection. They provided me with food, clothing, medical, counseling, trainings, Farming Gods Way skills, and the Gospel. They rehabilitated me and resettled me with my family and community.

I actually did not know my father since my mother died when I was 2 years old and I was told that my father and mother died. However, the Freedom Boys Ministry was able to trace my father. I and my father were very happy to see each other. I had too much joy to know my father for the first time in my life after about 12 years. I am now living with my father, stepmother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters for the first time in my life time of 14 years. They all jointly welcomed and embraced me, and accepted to share the available little resources they have as a family of now 7 children. Daddy remarked at the incredible providence. God is great! Amen! For receiving me as a son! I pray that I will be able to go school and start a project for our survival as a family.

Thank you very much for assisting me to be rejoined with my family.

Since the beginning of the #COVID19Uganda #Lockdown mid-March, the Freedom Boys Ministry has taken on the full care of 30+ boys who were living on the streets of Soroti. They have been strategically reintegrating many of the boys back with their families.

For more information:

To financially help the Freedom Boys Ministry, you can donate by

  • CHECK, made out and sent/given to
    Georgetown CRC (6275 40th Ave, Hudsonville, MI 49426), with “Freedom Boys” written in the memo line
  • PAYPAL, account:

GSF News: Double Your Impact

November 27, 2020

Please take a moment to read the below newsletter from Good Shepherd’s Fold. It contains praiseworthy testimonies of God’s work through GSF, and an exiting opportunity to join God’s work through GSF with even greater impact!

Double Your Impact

We are in awe of God’s goodness as we consider all He has done in 2020. In the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns and closures, we saw God use you to provide 264,792 meals for our neighbors and 6,330 educational packets to students. As we served, we witnessed 38 new believers come to saving faith in Jesus Christ!

It is beautiful to ride the wave of God’s grace and goodness, and we want to invite you further into the story God is writing here in Uganda. Now is a great time to partner with us, because you can double your impact this giving season!

Good Shepherd’s Fold was generously given a $115,000 Challenge Gift by a team of partners who want to spur you on to donate. This is their challenge to you: will you help match this donation?

For every $1 you donate through the end of December, GSF will receive double that amount to help bring healing to broken families, opportunity to vulnerable children, and abundant life through Jesus Christ. Give to GSF and help us turn $115,000 into $230,000!

As usual, 100% of your donations go towards the ministry of Good Shepherd’s Fold here in Uganda.

Are you ready to double your impact? Continue reading below to see how God uses faithful partners like you to glorify His name.

Meet Mercy

Meet Mercy

Mercy joined the GSF Tailoring Program in 2019 and is currently working as the Tailoring Program Assistant, teaching others the valuable skill of sewing.

“I was born in a Muslim family, and my mom separated with my dad when I was young. I did not want to know about God, but when I entered GSF, that is when I started realizing that God exists, and He is a miracle working God. Pastor Robert was preaching at GSF, and when I listened, the gospel entered my soul. I realized that God exists, and He brings people to justice. 

“I graduated from the GSF Tailoring Program in 2019 and was given a job as Big David’s assistant. Now I help in teaching tailoring. It has been a great opportunity, because I am continuing to learn a lot. What I enjoy about teaching is that the children are fun to work with; they show love of what they are doing. They are learning slowly by slowly and that is encouraging. It is a great opportunity for them because they are not idle during the lockdown and closure of schools; they have something to keep them busy. 

“I thank God for the sewing machine I got because I am using it to get money by sewing for people. I have saved some little capital, so by the time I leave GSF I will be having my own business. I give all the glory to God.” 
Mercy, Tailoring Program Assistant


We are sharing testimonies of how God has worked in the midst of COVID-19 this year! Go to our social media pages to follow along.
Facebook  –  Instagram

US$ Donations by Check can be mailed to: 
Global Outreach International,
PO Box 1, Tupelo, MS 38802
MEMO: GSF Community Development – Account 4367

Or Donate Online Here

Global Outreach sends 100% of your donation to the field with no administrative fees!

The Sliedrecht Family
Good Shepherd's Fold

August Prayer Points

August 10, 2020

Please take a moment to pray through these August Prayer Points. These are only a few of the many things God has been doing. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to find out more…

Ongoing Ministry Work Near and Far
We were supposed to return to Uganda on June 8, but due to the continued closure of Ugandan borders, we have been unable to do so, and won’t be able to do so until at least the beginning of next year.  However, we thank God for the great team, colleagues and staff we have on the ground in Uganda, and that we are able to daily communicate with them and still engage in the ministry work from afar in prayer, advising, directing, strategizing, planning, and providing accountability; while also raising funds, networking, researching, and developing courses and plans for new initiatives. We have also been able to participate in the online services of some of our partner churches. And now with many restrictions easing up and summer coming to an end, we can resume visiting with partners as we had planned before COVID hit. Pray that we will be able to find contentment, along with continued and new ministry opportunities with and for Good Shepherd’s Fold, and even other open doors for ministry, while we wait to return.

GSF Food Distribution
Praise God for the funds raised for and the impact made by Good Shepherd’s Fold’s COVID-19 relief efforts to surrounding villages and communities who were suffering from hunger due to the very restrictive lockdown in Uganda. Over 125,700 pounds of food & supplies to more than 11,500 people have been distributed. The numbers are impressive, but what excites us most is the face of each neighbor who has experienced the love of Christ in a tangible way during this challenging season, and the doors God is opening for greater spiritual impact.

GSF Re-Planning Process
GSF is now in the midst of three weeks of prayer and planning for the second half of the year, which looks radically different from the plans that were set at the beginning of this year due to continued COVID-19 restrictions. Please pray with us through this process:

  • for creativity from the Lord as we strategize to reach the school students and vulnerable community members while observing directives from the government of Uganda;
  • for humility to listen to the needs of our community and to lovingly share God’s word and resources when appropriate and needed;
  • for wisdom for the leaders of GSF as we review and strategically refresh our objectives for 2020.

Freedom Boys Ministry
The COVID pandemic has also brought about challenges, and opportunities, for the Freedom Boys Ministry in Soroti. Due to the lockdown in Uganda at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, back in March, all boys living on the streets of Soroti had to immediately get off. About 30 of them were forced by police to walk back to their villages, some as far as 110km away, back to the situations from which they had fled, and not knowing if they would be welcomed back. The Freedom Boys Ministry was able to facilitate them with shoes, clothes, food, and incidental money.

The Ministry also took it upon itself to provide full care for over 30 remaining boys who were totally stranded and had no place to go. By the grace of God, through ongoing donations, by many of our partners the Ministry has been able to provide the boys with full room and board on a beautiful school campus. Along with clothing, medication, supervision and leadership, a daily schedule of activities including chores, sports and games, crafts, teaching, discipleship and Bible study, and counseling.

We praise God for the transformation which is taking place in these boys’ lives by being in such an environment of care and love, structure, safety, and provision like they have never before experienced. In this way, the COVID crisis has been a blessing for the Ministry and these boys. God has used the COVID crisis to fast-track the process of getting these boys off the street and properly cared for. And He has provided the ideal temporary space, along with the needed emergency financial resources thus far, to make that happen.

So far, over $14,000 has been raised for these boys, $9,000 of which has been used for their care since March. However, more funds are still needed for the continued care of the boys ($2,000 per month), until the process of their reintegration with family or relatives ($8,000), and even scholarship support for their ongoing skills development and/or schooling. Please pray for this provision, and for God to pave the way and prepare the hearts of the families/ relatives/ communities to receive them (back) and truly love and care for them. Pray for the boys to be able to continue to grow in their faith, and that the hope of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives may fill the gaps in their hearts and development their outlook on life, so that they may not only be responsible and contributing citizens to society, but have meaningful purpose and make deep impact for the Kingdom of God.

Read this for more information on the Freedom Boys Ministry and how to contribute. You can also check out these links:

Extended Stay in Michigan
Having to stay longer in West Michigan has been increasingly challenging for our family, particularly in terms of being away from our home in Uganda, not having much of our own things here, living in limbo, the stress of looking for ongoing accommodation, and having to move as much as 4 times over the next 2 months. However, we thank God for His faithfulness and provision, first with the Hospitality House which Georgetown Christian Reformed Church has so graciously allowed us to extend our stay in over the last year (and return to in September if so needed); and secondly, after we had exhausted what we thought were all avenues to find housing, with now a number of options we can choose from, allowing us to take into consideration cost effectiveness and location, particularly in relation to the two high schools we are deciding between for Avalien.

Tim’s Legal Status in the USA
Since Tim is Canadian, and because we have not been able to return to Uganda and have thus had to extend our time in the US, Tim’s US visitor visa expires on August 17 (six months from when he traveled to Uganda in February). We have been meeting with an immigration lawyer to figure out our options: Tim to go to Canada alone; our whole family to go to Canada; or apply for Tim’s permanent residency in the USA. Each option has short-term and long-term implications, known and unknown factors and variables to consider. All things considered, we have decided that the best course of action is to apply for his permanent residency, enabling him to stay in the US while in process, which takes at least a year. While it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time and work, and requires Tim to get special permission to leave the USA (which takes as long as 6-months to get) and to be in the USA at the end of the process, we thank God for the wonderful immigration lawyer He has provided and how He has already opened doors and removed hurdles for us in this process. Please pray for provision, diligence, wisdom, and perseverance, and for favour with US immigration.

Please pray that the peace and joy of Christ, which surpasses all understanding may overwhelm each one of us, and that our trust in God may not just be sustained, but grow stronger in the midst of the unknowns.

“I’m going to hold steady on You, an’ You’ve got to see me through.”
– Harriet Tubman

GSF: Keep Feeding with Love

May 12, 2020

An update on the GSF relief efforts from our Team Leader.

The Love of Christ for Hungry Souls

A Note from Team Leader, Mark Gwartney

Hello Friends,

When the lockdown began to emerge in Uganda, before the first Covid-19 case was even confirmed, we didn’t realize that it would eventually shut down most of our programs. The children’s home is still fully functional with some limitations, but the schools and all other programs are on hold.  With each restriction introduced, our hearts became burdened as to how our neighbors would survive rising prices, scarcity of goods and extremely limited transportation.  Our village of Buwundo was the first on our minds.

GSF pulled money from the budget and several staff members made personal contributions to supply food to 250 families in Buwundo and our village scholarship families.  We were asked at that time to serve more communities, but we didn’t know how to accomplish that task.

Unsolicited funding began to arrive which pressed us into Phase 2:  nearby Buvunya village with nearly 500 households.  Donations added to the gifts on hand and the task was carried out.  Take a look at what has been accomplished through GSF during the Uganda lockdown:

While those numbers astound me, I have personally taken part in the distribution in the villages and there are real people with hearts of gratitude behind all those numbers.  The calls have been increasing as the weeks go on: “We are hungry!”

Jesus fed people, sometimes 5,000+ in a single meal!  GSF provides food relief for vulnerable people on a regular basis but not on such a huge scale.  That’s why we look across the slope to our two nearest villages with apprehension. Kikube and Kizigo are actually our closest connections with many staff members and students living there.  We know more people in these two villages.  It would be impossible to serve one without the other.  Together there are 800 households – more than we have served in the first two distributions combined!  It would take nearly $12,000 to reach these two villages, but they are hungry.

So we prayed to the God of Heaven, “Shall we go up to Kikube and Kizigo?”

With your help, we can reach more! The average cost of a meal is only 20 cents; every dollar supplies 5 meals for a family in need. Partner with us during the COVID-19 crisis! Please indicate “GSF food distribution” in the “instructions to the finance office.” This link is a lifeline for hungry souls:
The supplies have already been ordered. When the Lord says go then we need to go! And if He says go farther then we will keep going. Souls are hungry. The love of Christ compels us. Every food package includes a letter and Bible verses of hope from the GSF staff.

Shortly after praying those exact words, I received a call about a “significant donation” for more food distribution. It was another missionary here in Uganda. Then I checked our donor accounts and found that money was still coming in from the previous appeal. Then other donations came before we posted about the need. We now have over $8,000 on hand and only need $3,400 more to serve these two villages: 800 families… 4,000 people… 64,000 meals!

he supplies have already been ordered.  When the Lord says go then we need to go!  And if He says go farther then we will keep going.  Souls are hungry.  The love of Christ compels us. Every food package includes a letter and Bible verses of hope from the GSF staff.

With your help, we can reach more! The average cost of a meal is only 20 cents; every dollar supplies 5 meals for a family in need.  Partner with us during the COVID-19 crisis!  Please indicate “GSF food distribution” in the “instructions to the finance office.”  This link is a lifeline for hungry souls:
Global Outreach sends 100% of your donation to the field with no administrative fees!

Like Jesus, GSF normally works with individual people. One by one, we see transformation. Discipleship rarely happens en masse. But when the masses are hungry, as they were on that hillside with Jesus, we cannot overlook that need on the hillside opposite GSF. Remember, every dollar supplies 5 meals to a family in need. I believe that greater things will come as a result. Will you join us?

Thank you for your love and prayers for Uganda,
Mark Gwartney
GSF Team Leader

Partner with Us

P.S.  The need for $3,400 is relatively small compared to our mid-year fund-raising goal for GSF operations.  Exceeding the goal will enable us to reach other villages, fund ongoing feeding programs and continue paying our staff. With the announcement this week of a two-week lockdown extension here in Uganda, we don’t yet know when these hardships will ease.  Your gifts enable GSF to serve the most vulnerable… in the Covid-19 crisis and all year through.  Thank you!

Follow Along!

Follow Along!

Want to hear more? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see the latest updates from the ministry!



Facebook: Tim & Angie     Instagram: Tim & Angie     Email: Tim & Angie     Website: Tim & Angie

April Prayer Points

April 29, 2020

Please take a moment to pray through these April Prayer Points. These are only a few of the many things God has been doing. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to find out more…

As we had to change our return date so that the kids could finish up the school year here and we could have more opportunities to share and meet with partners (albeit COVID-19 has put a damper on those plans), Tim spent a month in Uganda in January and February, filled with visits, meetings, and planning for the year ahead. Some of the highlights include:

  • the warm welcome of the GSF Staff and the smiles, hugs and loving words of those in the GSF Community Development programs;
  • developing a partnership with Ambassador Institute to start a Bible school at Good Shepherd’s Fold (GSF) for pastors and leaders of churches in communities around GSF;
  • developing a partnership with Ekisinga Ministries, whose mission is to “work together to share the gospel and alleviate poverty in sustainable and culturally relevant ways through business and enterprise.” They will first train Penlope and Claire, the GSF Community Development Social Workers / Adult Literacy Education Trainers, and then help train the Tailoring and ALE students, and the parents / guardians of children on GSF Primary School scholarship;
  • handing over the water business with Business Connect to Steve Nutzmann, founder and director of Ekisinga Ministries. With a background in business and water engineering, ministry focuses on training and mentoring people in business as mission and on doing business as mission himself in a water treatment, Steve is the ideal person to take this business to a greater level of impact;
Business Connect                
  • putting in place a plan to extend Farming God’s Way into the surrounding communities through mentorship of the GSF Mercy Ministry and Village Scholarship members, weekly training of the GSF Primary School students and the GSF House Mothers, establishment of Farmer Clubs, and trainings and demonstration gardens at local churches;
 Farming God's Way Mentorship
  • working with our partner, UWEPO / Our Trees Our Future, to plant more trees and train the GSF Community Development farm workers in how to care for trees.
Weeding around trees planted at GSF   Juma from UWEPO teaching how to prune fruit trees
As with everyone, the COVID-19 crisis has caused upheaval in our lives and plans.
  • RETURN: Our June 8 return tickets to Uganda have been canceled. Predictions say that international travel will take time to be fully established and prices are expected to be initially quite high leaving us in a bit of a state of limbo. Please pray that we may find missionary/other furnished housing for this extended stay (or let us know if you know of any).
  • TIM: During this extended time in the US, I, am able to be in continued, daily communication and to continue working with staff at Good Shepherd’s Fold, along with the Freedom Boys Ministry in Soroti. Also, we hope the restrictions will begin to ease up enough for us visit with partners as we had planned. We are at least able to connect online and even participate in the online services of our partner churches. Furthermore, I am taking courses, networking, and developing curriculum and plans on topics and initiatives which I hope to teach and implement at GSF I am having some of our staff take some of those courses as well while they are on lockdown at their homes in Uganda. Please pray for focus, perseverance, opportunities, and fruit in these endeavors.
  • KIDS: The school cancellations have been quite disappointing for our children. While they are relatively used to doing school at home, they were especially enjoying being part of a larger school setting, spending time with new friends, and participating in school activities which they haven’t had much opportunity to do living in Uganda. As an Eighth Grader, Avalien is particularly discouraged – she absolutely loved going to Zeeland Christian School and she was so looking forward to her class camping trip, being part of the track team, and graduation. Please pray for her (along with the rest of our kids) heart and spirit to be encouraged and comforted during this time.
Wacky Hair Day
  • MIRIAM has been able to remain at Cornerstone University with the other international students while taking her courses online, which has proved to be more difficult and more work for her, but she is persevering. Please pray that she may be able to end the school year well, get her driver’s licence, and find a job for the summer.
  • ANGIE: With a new baby and five kids all in different grade levels, schooling from home has been quite taxing on Angie especially, and challenging for some of our kids who have learning differences / struggles. Please pray for peace, patience, and perseverance for all involved.

Life in Uganda and ministry at GSF has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Full lockdown with no vehicle transport, most businesses closed (except food-related), no social gatherings has been extended until May 5. To find out more and pray about the situation, please read:

GSF COVID-19 Relief

Denis Okwera, the Director of the Freedom Boys Ministry, and our friend and ministry partner since 2007, has been very busy the last couple weeks, since the lockdown in Uganda, as the boys who live on the streets in Soroti have had to disperse and leave in order to follow the governmental regulations to stop the spread of COVID-19. Denis has been self-sacrificially advocating for and getting special permission to meet with, house and provide food for the Freedom Boys and other boys who live on the streets of Soroti while the lockdown is in place. He was even arrested and charged with murder for helping the boys at one point, at the same time his wife, Frances was in labour. Praise be to God that he was released and allowed to continue helping the boys, and he was able to be with is wife for the birth of their second daughter, Aneno, which means “I have seen both good and bad in my life.”

Denis, Francis and family with baby Aneno  Dens & Frances' 2 youngest daughters
  • The Freedom Boys Ministry has already taken in 27 boys, providing them with food, housing on a beautiful compound, “new” clothes, daily activities, discipleship, and care. They have also been facilitating the transport and food costs for 15+ other boys who are forced to go back to their villages, some as far as 115 km on foot (because vehicular travel is prohibited), all the while praying that they would find their way and find relatives who will take them in.

Some of the 27 Freedom Boys

  • Please keep Denis and the boys in your prayers during this difficult time. Please also prayerfully consider providing financial support for the Freedom Boys Ministry to be able to continue housing and caring for these boys, even after the COVID-19 crisis subsides, so that they boys don’t have to go back on the streets. Let us know if this is something you’d like to do.
Some of the 27 Freedom Boys
  • The Freedom Boys Ministry seeks to bring the love of Jesus to boys who live on the streets of Soroti, Uganda by advocating for, discipling, and counseling them, and by seeking to provide for their spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, & vocational needs in order to re-integrate them into society. You can search for #COVID19FreedomBoys on Facebook or Instagram (or just look through our latest posts) for more information and to keep updated.

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.”
– Martin Luther

Sliedrechts         Instagram         Email         Sliedrechts

Uganda, Good Shepherd’s Fold, And COVID-19

April 13, 2020

The Government of Uganda is taking necessarily strong measures to ward off the spread of COVID-19. They have closed all borders (no one can go in or out) and shops (except food) and have banned all gatherings and public & private/personal transport.However, for many people who live hand to mouth, barely earning enough to feed their families each day and depend on public transport to do so, these restrictions pose a huge problem for survival. On top of that, the costs of commodities, including basic staples, are rising and price gouging has been present. The current locust plague is making hunger issues even worse.1 “Before the sickness comes to kill us we will die from hunger.”As a result, civil unrest, with current cases of stealing and xenophobia, is expected to rise. Social distancing is also next to impossible for people, particularly the poor, who live so close together and in such tight community. At the same time, considering the already under-resourced healthcare system and the number of vulnerable people due to sickness and malnourishment, as much as 70% of the population in rural areas and over 40% of the population of Uganda as a whole, the spread of COVID-19 is potentially disastrous. “Because of chronic underfunding of the health system, Uganda has just 55 intensive care beds for its more than 42 million people. Of these, 20 have no ventilatory capacity and only one-third are part of the public health system. And these beds can be found only in the regional and national referral hospitals, located in major urban hubs,”far from many people living in remote, rural areas who are more cut off due to poor road conditions, especially in the current rainy season, and financial constraints, let alone the public transport ban. The Ugandan population is also more vulnerable to COVID-19 due to high levels of illnesses, including malaria (highest rate in the world), HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and lower respiratory infections. Hence the need for the lockdown measures…Africa is woefully ill-equipped to cope with covid-19Uganda is stuck between a rock and a hard place. A proverb in Uganda is, “Omwavu wakufa,” meaning, “The poor person is meant to die.”4

Good Shepherd’s Fold in Uganda continues to operate, but currently on a minimal scale due to staff not being able to come in to work and people not being able to gather. All schools, including the GSF Primary School, have closed. The vulnerable people from the surrounding communities are not able to receive the full services of GSF Community Development. However, those in the feeding programs (elderly abandoned by their children and many caring for their grandchildren, malnourished babies, children with special needs) are still able to get their food items from GSF. Also, GSF is committed to the protection and care of its 60+ children in their Children’s Homes. Click here to read GSF’s official update on their response to the COVID-19 Crisis.GSF COVID-19 UpdateThe necessary restrictions are also affecting the cultural life and religious practices which are important for people’s emotional and spiritual well-being. This past weekend, an elderly woman (pictured below) in the GSF feeding program passed away from pneumonia. She was a wonderful woman, so full of the joy of the Lord, always dancing with gratefulness. She always gave me a big hug when she saw me. She was a much valued member of the GSF Mercy Ministry fellowship and her own community. However, they were not able to have any sort of funeral service for her to say goodbye and celebrate her life. Churches and GSF fellowships cannot gather. Pastors, church members and GSF Ministry & Social Workers cannot make house, hospital, or prison visits, which can leave people emotionally and spiritually isolated. Please pray for the Government of Uganda, Good Shepherd’s Fold, and the Ugandan people as they try to navigate these uncharted waters, real threats to the survival of many people. May this be a time where many people draw near to God and turn to Jesus for peace and hope. Please also pray for the 10 GSF missionaries and their families (along with the many other missionaries in Uganda) who are unable to leave the country (not that they would want to).

Pastor calls for prayer as terrifying 100,000-acre swarm of locusts enters Uganda;  COVID-19 CRISIS: Minister Ssempijja blames spread of locusts on coronavirus; Desert Locust situation update; New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa
Coronavirus in Uganda: ‘Before the sickness comes to kill us we will die from hunger’
Community health workers will be the main defense in rural Uganda against coronavirus 
We Ugandans are used to lockdowns and poor healthcare. But we’re terrified
Africa is woefully ill-equipped to cope with COVID-19
Why Sub-Saharan Africa needs a unique response to COVID-19
Africa’s Race Against COVID-19

“When facing the fear of the unknown, turning to an all-knowing God is a good start to responding with clarity and direction.”
– Tony Perkins (USA Today, The power of prayer to deal with coronavirus anxiety)

Happy 2-Month Birthday Josephine!

February 11, 2020

“My Girl, Josephine” by Fats Domino

Hello Josephine. How do you do?
Do you remember me baby like I remember you?
You used to laugh at me and holler “Woo woo woo”

I used to walk you home
I used to hold your hand
You used to use my umbrella ev’ry time it rained
You used to cry so much it was a crying shame

You used to live over yonder by the railroad track.
When it rained you couldn’t walk I used to tote you on my back
Now you gotta make believe it was a thrill at that.