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April Prayer Points

April 6, 2017

While there are many we could include, here are just a few points we ask you to pray through with us:.

  • Tony Omaidi is a local young man who has been working with a teammate, Lisa Fish, in Buwundo Beads and Crafts, an income-generating program for vulnerable women to provide for the needs of their families. It is in this group that he, once trained as a Local Coordinator in the Beyond Proclaimer Program, established the first Bible Listening Groups in the area. From there, he took the initiative to connect with pastors and lay leaders of local churches and set up a meeting for us to share about the Beyond Proclaimer Program. We are now moving from church to church every Sunday to preach about the importance of hearing God’s Word, explain the Beyond Proclaimer Program and set-up Bible Listening Groups which meet weekly to listen to the Bible for 30 minutes and answer head, heart and hands questions for 30 minutes until they have completed the entire New Testament, which would take approximately 40 weeks. We have also started Groups in a couple local schools. As most everyone has never heard or read a full book of the Bible, let alone the entire New Testament, the desire and demand for Bible Listening Groups is huge. In fact, we only have 2 Lugandan Proclaimers left. Pray that we can get more. Pray for the newly established groups, that they may not give up in meeting together, that the Holy Spirit may cultivate their hearts for the Word to grow deep roots in their hearts and produce fruit in their lives.

The army worm burrows into cobs

And, to top it off, Uganda has recently received a large influx of refugees from South Sudan making it the leading refugee-hosting country in Africa, and among the top 3 in the world. These, and other, factors combine are setting the stage for a major humanitarian crisis.

  • After years of collecting resources and dozens of checked-in boxes on our travels from North America to Uganda, from its humble beginnings as Bible distribution and collecting books for a small resource room in 2008, to a growing library in a larger room in the second half of our duplex in 2012, to a more central, multi-room, multi-purpose space in Pamba’s market in 2014… the Beyond Resource Centre, under the direction and leadership of Steven Tiesenga, has recently developed to a whole other level, moving to a new, larger location specially designed and built to accommodate and promote the accessibility and study of the resources. It is now a key element of Calvary Chapel Soroti’s Children’s Ministry and newly established School of Ministry, a nondenominational program for young men and women to experience a year of intensive discipleship and Biblical teaching, and to gain the tools necessary to be sent out in ministry to impact their own communities in Teso, Karamoja, West Nile, and beyond.

  • Our financial support is running a bit low. Please prayerfully consider ongoing (or one-time) financial partnership with us, and/or pray that God would spur on others to give as they are able.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado

We appreciate your prayers, no matter how awkward or feeble, because we believe in the power of the one who hears… and answers.

Tim & Angie Sliedrecht


Beyond News: Sliedrecht Situation 02-2017

February 22, 2017

Dear Family & Friends,

Please take a moment to read and pray through our latest newsletter, featuring:

  • Brian “Jumping Fire”,
  • Good Shepherd’s Fold,
  • The Stoplight Approach,
  • Ways to Partner

Thank You 2016, You’re Most Welcome 2017

January 1, 2017


In celebrating the birth of our Saviour and reflecting on His blessings over the past year, YOU immediately come to mind. We praise and thank God for your faithful love, care and support over this past year. Thank you for standing with and encouraging us in the midst of the challenges and transitions we have had to face, and, by His grace given to us in large part through you, have been able to pass through strengthened in faith and calling.

As we close this year and begin a new year, please prayerfully consider beginning, continuing or even increasing financial partnership with us so that we may continue serving in Uganda with Good Shepherd’s Fold. For information on how to give, click here.


Tim, Angie, Miriam, Avalien, Moses, Zulea, Eliana, and Amara Sliedrecht

December Prayer Points: Soroti

December 6, 2016

While we have moved to and begun ministry work with Good Shepherd’s Fold in Buikwe, we are still involved in the ministry work in Soroti, albeit gradually less directly. We thus ask you to pray with us through these prayer points regarding the ongoing ministry work in Soroti:

  • We have experienced a number of challenges with the Beyond Fishcage Project, namely in regards to an invasive water weed, the giant salvinia molesta, which has overtaken much of Lake Kyoga, particularly the shoreline, making it very difficult for fishcages to function. It blocks sunlight, takes oxygen out of the water, creates floating islands, and makes it very difficult for the local people to fetch clean water and for water transportation. The local people have called it Nankabirwa, after Ruth Nankabirwa, the former State Minister for Fisheries who allegedly introduced the alien weed. For more information on the invasive weed, click these articles/videos: Sunrise, Daily Monitor, YouTube, YouTube, New Vision.
    *Note in the photos not only the increase of the weed infestation, but also the decrease of the stones on the dock pier due to fisherman stealing them to use as weights for their nets.
Giant Salvinia Molesta infestation - 28/04/2015

Giant Salvinia Molesta infestation - 27/09/2016

  • As a result, we have had to reassess and make new, downsized plans. We now plan to put fishcages in the enlarged and deepened pond on the project’s land and to use the rest of the land to plant trees – pine, eucalyptus and teak, which can be sold for lumber in several years; and moringa trees, of which their leaves and seeds have many health benefits. We plan to use the invasive water fern in Lake Kyoga for compost and mulching for these trees. We have already moved the fence extending from where the project’s land ends to the shoreline (environment protection zone) to the lake-shore side of the land in order to entirely enclose the land. Please pray that we may be sensitive to God’s leading in regards to, and for His will to be done on, this land and with this project, as it is done in heaven.
  • In light of the invasive water weed infestation and the downsizing of the Beyond Fishcage Project, we recently sold the project’s boat, a 30-foot fiberglass open boat with a Mercury 25hp engine, to the Uganda Conservation Foundation who donated it to the Uganda Wildlife Authority as part of their Waterways Project in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area to use for anti-poaching patrols on the Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park. While it was sad to see it go, adding to the death of a dream, we were able to sell it for double we paid and it is now being used for a great cause.
Saying Goodbye to our Boat
  • Over $22,000 was raised in the Hair Dare (click to see video 1 and video 2) to build university-student rental-rooms for the financial sustainability of the Freedom Boys Ministry, a ministry that brings the love of Jesus to boys who live on the streets of Soroti. Such rentals are in high demand, require little time involvement away from the ministry work, and will provide regular, guaranteed income to cover the ongoing operational costs (including food, housing, medical care, and school-fees for the boys, advocacy programs and staff salaries) and capital for further expansion/development.
  • The Beyond Proclaimer Program continues to grow and spread in Teso and beyond. We have added and trained a couple more Local Coordinators in Soroti and our first one here in Buikwe to establish and monitor more Bible Listening Groups. The number of testimonies and demand for more groups to be established keeps growing! We praise God for the transformation that His Word gives, through the work of the Spirit! Pray for continued faithfulness, consistency and an overflow of the fruit of the Spirit for the hundreds of people in the dozens of Bible Listening Groups.
  • Over 60 pastors and church leaders came to the Leadership Resources‘ Intro to Biblical Hermeneutics which Steve Tiesenga and I helped organize. One of our pastors at 1st Byron CRC, Ken Van De Griend, was one of the trainers. The next step is to have 20 go through a 4-year Trainer of National Trainers course, meeting 3 days twice a year to apply the Dig & Discover principles to 8 books of the Bible. Please pray that God would raise up the right people to commit to not only the course, but to training others after the course.
Pastor Ken Van De Griend teaching

“The right way to pray is to stretch out our hands and ask of One who we know has the heart of a Father.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Thank you for your faithful partnership through prayer,

Tim & Angie Sliedrecht

Glimpses into the Heart of GSF – October 2016

October 21, 2016

Glimpses into the Heart of GSF - October 2016

“Growing a Beard”

October 18, 2016

Please take a moment to watch this 4 minute music video of “Growing a Beard” by The Beards, featuring all those who participated in the 2016 #HairDare to raise awareness and funds for the #FreedomBoys Ministry.

If you feel so led, you can still sponsor/give towards the cause. For more info, go to

October Prayer Points

October 6, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

Please take a moment to pray with us through the below:

  • We have so much to praise God for in regards to our transition to Good Shepherd’s Fold (GSF)
    • our Soroti team/colleagues helped us sort, sell, and pack our belongings in Soroti and transport them to GSF
    • we received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome at the front gate of GSF by all the GSF missionaries, staff and children (above photo)
    • the GSF missionaries prepared (cleaned, painted, repaired) "our" new house for our arrival
    • our children have done very well adjusting to life and school here, quickly making friends with the other missionary and GSF kids
    • the teachers at the school have been wonderful in accommodating to the needs of our children

The teachers & students of GSF International School

  • Since moving to Good Shepherd’s Fold, four of us in our family have gotten malaria. It had never been a problem for us for the 9 years we lived in Soroti and there seemed to be many more mosquitoes there. Additionally, Tim has had a staph infection, a bad sinus cold and now has shingles.
  • In the midst of sickness and necessary trips to Soroti, adjustment to life and ministry at GSF is going well. The learning/adjustment curve is steep, with
    • so many people to meet and get to know, including the 80 employees, the 75 resident children and many local pastors; 
    • a different language (Lugandan) and culture to become familiar with
    • a new climate, landscape, environment, and way of living to get used to – a remote, large, open campus in the midst of sugarcane fields and relatively far from the nearest city and close community and fellowship with the other GSF missionaries, staff and children.

Yet, we feel we are making good progress and appreciate the time allowed to us to gradually decrease our direct ministry involvement in Soroti and to adjust and start-up well at GSF without getting ahead of ourselves and taking on too much too soon.

Ariel view of Good Shepherd's Fold

  • We have been able to participate in a number of activities at GSF over the last month, including the following:

Transform'16 in Kampala with a group of GSF leaders
Transform’16 in Kampala with a group of GSF leaders

Encouraging a discipleship training group on Buvuma Island with a short-term team of pastors from California
Encouraging a discipleship training group on Buvuma Island
with a short-term team of pastors from California

Holiday conference for former GSF child-residents, now GSF secondary school and university scholarship recipients
Holiday conference for former GSF child-residents,
now GSF secondary school and university scholarship recipients

Click for more photos & videos
GSF Sports Day
– a day off of work for the entire staff to play games and sports together,
like tug-of-war

"The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray." S.D. Gordon
Thank you for partnering with us through prayer during this time of transition
Tim & Angie Sliedrecht

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