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Ride for Refuge 2014

September 19, 2014


Join us on October 4 in the 2014 Ride for Refuge by (1) RIDING WITH or (2) SPONSORING our Ride Team, Beyond Bikers.

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Three facts to consider:

  1. The Ride for Refuge is a fantastically fun family-friendly event not just for “bike-riders” but for everyone who can ride a bike, including young children. You can Ride in one of 24 locations in Canada, one of 4 locations in the US, or wherever you are!
  2. We are riding in honor of Glen & Kori Vanderkooi and their children. Glen and his family were instrumental in establishing the Ride for Refuge in Grand Rapids, directing it for its first 5 years, and directly and indirectly helping us raise over $250,000 through the Ride during those years, which has brought and is still bringing transformational impact in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Uganda. He recently suffered a severe stroke and has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
  3. Funds raised will go towards the Beyond Fish Cage Project, a self-sustainability project of the BEYOND Transformation Centre, which is a discipleship camp and retreat center we are developing for the young people of Team Beyond’s focus communities in Uganda to discover how they can provide access to food, freedom and forgiveness in their communities and beyond.
    Beyond Transformation Centre 2


August Prayer Points

August 27, 2014

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer. Here are our August Prayer Points:

  • After many years of fostering-to-adopt, we are scheduled to go to high court tomorrow, Thursday the 28th, in the morning to obtain the final adoption orders of Zulea and Miriam. Please pray that our lawyer and the judge show up and the judge grants us a positive ruling.

Zulea & Miriam when Miriam joined our family

  • Our teacher, Rebekah Wissink, arrived on the 21st! Please pray that she may adjust and settle smoothly.

Rebekah, Avalien & Miriam

  • The collaboration of JobMax, The Freedom Boys (featured in our last newsletter) and Children of the Light Gospel Choir and the filming of the two music videos has been a success so far! The videos are currently being edited, the songs are currently being played on all the major radio stations in Kampala, and interviews are being done by TV stations, radio stations and newspapers! Click here to see photos and stay tuned for the videos! Please pray for the promotion process and the launch, that corporate sponsors may catch the rhythm and the vision!

Click to see pics

  • Pius Emesu, featured in our March newsletter, has been performing very well at Africa Bible University. Here is something he recently wrote us: “Truly speaking I do not have words to express my gratitude for the interest and the steps you have taken in my personal and intellectual well being and I take seriously the mandate given to me to study the word God. I intend to work hard to maintain and improve upon my current academic record and to strive to become a contributing and frank member of the body of Christ in any place He will send me after this place… I will be praising God for the support you are always giving me, that is making me to learn the treasures of God. I really consider this a great blessing to me.” If you would like to financially contribute to his education, please let us know.
  • Our teammates and good friends, Ruudy and Beckie Olupot, got married just over a year ago and have since moved to Jinja to join another organization in training local church leaders (read more here). We praise God for the 3 years Beckie spent as a single and the 1 year she spent together with Ruudy on Team Beyond walking alongside and impacting young people in Kamuda, Amuria and Soroti, and establishing a focus community in Amuria. Most of all, we praise God for, and look forward to many more years of, their friendship and their partnership in the gospel. Please pray for them as they head to America next month for Ruudy’s first time, and that in doing so their marriage may grow more and more to reflect that of Christ and the church.

  • We have narrowed in on land to buy for Beyond (see our scouting photos here) and are ready to head full-force into Phase 1 of Beyond’s development plan. Once the plan is approved by the Senior Leadership of International Teams, we purchase the land and begin our first self-sustainability project: floating fish cages!

“The child asks of the Father whom he knows. Thus, the essence of Christian prayer is not general adoration, but definite, concrete petition. The right way to approach God is to stretch out our hands and ask of One who we know has the heart of a Father.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

Praying with you,
Tim & Angie Sliedrecht

From Child Soldier to Beloved Son

August 11, 2014

Abducted as a child in Uganda, Denis became a ruthless killer under the influence of the LRA. Hear in his own words how his rescue and rehabilitation transformed his life through finding forgiveness so that he is now helping former child soldiers and street kids find restored hope and life in the power of Jesus.

Beyond News 07/2014

July 30, 2014

Please take a moment to read our latest newsletter.
Click to Read
Beyond News 2014-07


  • our long-time friend, Denis, who we’ve been walking alongside for the last 7 years – be sure to also watch Denis share his powerful testimony, From Child Soldier to Beloved Son
  • the Freedom Boys ministry we’ve been walking alongside, led by Denis and Martin, both of whom are from different tribes (Denis is Acholi and Martin is Sebei) and have a deep heart for the Ateso street children in Soroti

Itunga Luoteso

July 30, 2014

Another one of Job Max’s past music videos, which speaks of the need to work hard to eat. Filming of the 2 new videos will take place this coming weekend. Please pray for Job Max, the Freedom Boys and Children of Light Gospel Choir as they prepare and practice and that it may turn out to be a success.


July 30, 2014

One of Job Max’s past music videos, which speaks of the value of children and against child abuse and sacrifice. The Freedom Boys (partner street boys ministry of the Soroti Town team) and Children of the Light Gospel Choir (partner ministry of the Pamba team) will be featured in his next 2 music videos.

July Prayer Points

July 22, 2014

Thank you for your ongoing partnership through prayer. Here are our July Prayer Points:Rebekah Wissink

  • Please continue to pray for our teacher, Rebekah Wissink, as she prepares to come in August – applying with ITeams, going through training, raising support.
  • Praise God for the progress made on the discipleship camp and retreat center, for His continued direction and leading:
      • We have come to a decision on the name for the discipleship camp and retreat center! While it wasn’t at the top of the voting list, we have decided to go with the name “Beyond Transformation Centre,” or BEYOND [location] for short because it is consistent with our team name, Team Beyond; because English is the most common language in Uganda (as opposed to Swahili for the rest of East Africa); and because the word “Beyond,” based on the meaning/rationale, speaks well to what the camp/center is all about. Thank you so much for voting!
      • The more detailed phased plan is complete and submitted to ITeams leadership! Once approved, we can move forward in purchasing land.
      • We are close to purchasing land! We have finalized negotiations on two pieces of land and are working on a couple others. Please continue to pray for discernment, wisdom and sensitivity to God’s leading as we make final decisions on land.
      • Plans for our first self-sustainability project are underway – floating fish farms! More info to come!Job Max
  • We are helping our neighbor, Job Max, a local music artist, produce and promote a couple music videos and an album of self-written songs with positive, Biblical messages. The videos will feature the Freedom Boys (partner street boys ministry of the Soroti Town team) and Children of the Light Gospel Choir (partner ministry of the Pamba team, featured in the Tiesengas’ latest newsletter). Please pray for this collaboration, that it may be successful in spreading truth and encourage people to follow the ways of Jesus. You can view two of his past videos:
      • Watoto, which speaks of the value of children and against child abuse and sacrifice
      • Itunga Luoteso, which speaks of the need to work hard to eat
  • The Beyond Resource Centre is moving to Pamba, a focus community of Team Beyond just outside of Soroti Town, to be part of Team Beyond’s ministry there (featured in the Tiesengas’ latest newsletter). It is in a more central, accessible location where it is expected to be made use of by more people and make greater impact. Please pray it may be so! More info to come!

“We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there’s nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all. Most of us would prefer, however, to spend our time doing something that will get immediate results. We don’t want to wait for God to resolve matters in His good time because His idea of ‘good time’ is seldom in sync with ours.” Oswald Chambers

NOTE: We are still accepting digital cameras for the Beyond Photography Program. Please let us know if you have any that you’d like to donate.

Tim & Angie Sliedrecht


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